First official craft project in new room – altered display shelves


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Hi all
Well i have started crafting in my new craft room.
The first on the agenda is storage…. I want to get this right….
So i altered some display shelves

This is what they used to look like:


Navy blue didn’t really go (match) in my room so i had to repaint it white so out came the sand paper and i sanded by hand:


Next was the prep coat:



After that was the white paint in semi gloss:


Then the patterned paper on the back of the shelves using liquid glue:


After that all i had to do was mount it on my lovely green wall and fill it with my goodies:



It pretty much matches the rest of my room wonderfully.
Right off i go and keep adjusting my cubby unit ;)

Stay crafty!

Moving house is a huge deal!!! – new craft room!



Hi all
The last two years has been building up to this moment in time……

My lovely hubby and i have finally got our dream home! And we had it built new! I know! How awesome is that? No more rent to pay or property inspections or the possibility of an eviction because the landlord wants to house a relative…. Yipeee!!!

The main room im most excited about is my very own craft room! YES! I actually have a room instead of a space in the corner of the kitchen! I can finally make a mess and close the door on it and come back to the project later…. I also have room to dry projects instead of stashing them somewhere they wont be brushed against or accidentally knocked off the space i put it…. What a sigh of relief!

Want pictures? Oh of course you do!
First as you see i had to construct my own desk and storage shelving….. Flat packed furniture can be both a joy and a Bain of existence! LOL
But also appropriate for a craft room as i literally had to craft my furniture!




And the desk/chair…


I went with open shelving in the form of cubby/cube units:
12 cubby and a 4 small cubby on top – these were laid on their sides.

And here it is filled up…


Three shelf book case with two small cubby on its side on top….


As you notice i also went with a magnetic white board instead of a pin board as it (in theory) will last longer


Of course everything isn’t quite to my perfection yet as i am starting to convert each cubby for more effective space….

I used corrugated cardboard from the packing boxes to make my shelving (temporary – till i do it in custom wood) the little plastic container for my smaller pieces of paper used to be packaging that the apples came in when i bought them… Look back above – those little suckers are used aloo over my craft room.

Art lesson recap – tutorial: simple butterflies


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Hi all
The second art lesson took place a little early. Usually on the first friday of the month – could do that this time around as i am busy packing to shift house.

This time around i taught how to use a stencil and stencil brush properly to get a good result, recapped on how to draw a simple flower, how to use watersoluable pencils and draw simple butterflies.

REMEMBER: i aim these lessons at absolute beginners.

Here are the students results half way through the class: ( slightly hard to teach and take lots of photos too)



My picture half finished… Partly done at home for prep and then parts done on the day as demos….Might try finishing it soon


Here is your butterfly tutorial for you:


Tips for using stencils:
Use a flat ended stiff bristle brush to apply paint.
Squirt a small amount of paint on the palette or plastic lid.
Dab the tip of brush into paint and dab off on the paint palette until most paint is off the brush (little amount of paint is all you need).
Dab/pounce the tip of the brush on the open areas of the stencil holding stencil firmly on the paper.
(These are not hard and fast rules – break them if you wish and this is certainly not the only way to use stencils)

Tips for using water-soluble pencils:
Colour around the outside of the image just inside the lines.
Wet your brush.
Start from the colour, working i to the middle of the image with the brush to get a watercolourly effect.
Again – (These are not hard and fast rules – break them if you wish and this is certainly not the only way to use watercolour pencils).

We talked about brushes:
(These are not hard and fast rules – break them if you wish)
Number 1 round brush is small for small lines and detailed painting (you can get down to 0000 – which is really tiny)

Number 3 & 6 round brushes are very handy too for larger areas.

For watercolour work its best to use sable or natural hair. But if you are working with both acrylic and watercolour type mediums use soft synthetic… They hold up to more you throw at them. (Well thats what I’ve found)

Use brushes with a light touch at all times… They are not tonka trucks.

Try not to get water past the metal part of the brush, your handle is usually made of wood and it will expand and cause the hairs of your brush to fall out.

Dry slightly elevated downwards on an old face cloth.
Roll up one end of the face cloth and lay your brushes on it pointing down… The left over water after cleaning your brushes will run down wards again not touching the wood preventing hairs to fall out.

NEVER LEAVE BRUSHES IN WATER. This stuffs the shape and straightness of your hair end of the brush. Also causes permanent flairing aka stray hair poking out to the side.

Store brushes once fully dry with Bristles pointing up in a mug or container. This also helps the brushes keep good shape and as new.

All the best and have fun creating!

Kids egg cup to a hatched dragon egg in polymerclay


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Ive had a rise in polymerclay crafting….
This project with a found kids egg cup that was no longer used sparked an idea….. I needed another dragon to help me in my craft room….
This egg cup was…. So not my style…. And it was handy for holding my smaller tools so they wouldn’t get lost in the bottom of a draw…


So i sketched what i wanted…


And started covering the eggcup with black and white mixed with black for stones…


“Painted the egg with interference colours in pearl-ex…

Then put the egg cup in a cold oven…. Put on the temperature and only started timing the 20min after the oven got to temperature… This way the eggcup wouldn’t crack or explode with sudden heat.

I made the frame out of wire for the wings and formed the body for my dragon making the texture with the textured part of my craft knife…. I assembled the dragon, coloured it with pearlex and then cooked it…..



Then when i looked in the oven (after 20min of baking) the head had slipped even though it had support….. And disaster struck – it crumbled before my eyes! Agggh! I had tears!


After leaving it for a while i salvaged what i could and then glue gunned the whole piece together (by the way the egg itself was fine)









So yea my piece was saved and my dragon (Stone Creaper) had actually decide to crawl between the stones instead of sitting on the egg he hatched out of…. Yes he’s cheeky and sneaky. Just look at that face!

Pearlex and Du kit polymer clay is available from
Stay crafty


Thanks for dropping by. ;)

More art postcards where made and given



Hi all
Managed to find some creative time to do some art postcards…. Here is the second batch….




Done with gelatos, and artist pitt pens.

Packaged like this

Then dropped off to a local mall in a display stand. It was gone within 5min

So really hope the person that picked it up loves them as much as i loved making them. ;)

July art session


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Every first friday of the month – during school term – i have started up an art session at my church.

We go from 10am-12 noon
Its all free. I provide all materials needed. And instruction if needed.


This July i taught how to do basic flowers, touched on the importance of working in odd numbers… 3 flowers and five petals. To make a pleasing composition.

These sessions are not just for beginners… Advanced artist are welcome to come and splash paint around on paper if they want and ignore the “class” or you can join in the “class” if you want.

Here is the lesson on how to draw two styles of basic flowers: (aimed for beginners)


We also did splattering with a fan brush.


Lightly tap on hand a watery paint paint brush to make droplets of paint on page over your flowers. Experiment with white, or use a dark colour. We were working with acrylic paints… jacquard lumiere (metallic paints) and jacquard Neopaque (these are all normally fabric paints but normal acrylic paints will do).





I also talked about the basic method of colour mixing… And the colour wheel… Primary, secondary colours.


Loads of fun and it will be happening again in one month…
First friday of every month that falls within school term. (Not during school holidays). Is held from 10am – 12 noon is totally free (but if you want to make a donation you are most welcome to) at Northcity church on sawyers arms road, Christchurch, NZ.

Hope to see you there if you are in the area. ;)

Quick tutorial/idea – water marbling paper


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Hi all

I have been experimenting with my reinkers and water to do water marbling and thought a quick post to tell you about it might spark something in your creating too….

Always start with a container of warm tap water….
Next drip the chosen ink into to he water…
Tap sides of container to move water around… (Or use a skewer)
Put the paper on top of the water…
Take the paper out when it is wet..
And your paper is marbled…

Heres my results with copic marker refills: (aka alcohol ink)

20140703-103857-38337955.jpgLeft is done in cold water… Right done in warm water

Here are the results with Stampin up refills:


Both examples are shown when paper is dry… So as you see the stampin up inks get a softer look – lighter colours don’t seam to work we’ll but darker ones do.

Alcohol inks (in this case copic marker refills) make more vivid colour patterns on the paper but are more ridged and less fluid looking when “printed”

So much fun anyway… All the best hope your creating is fun…. ;)

Using Stampin Up!s Peaceful Petals stamp set


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i am NOT a stampin up seller… But a buyer.

As most stampin up followers know – they are changing their catalogue at the end of the month and i decided I’d better buy the stamps sets that will no longer be available after 30 June.

So this one is one that i purchased: Peaceful Petals


Here is what i did with it:





The second to last one i stamped into polymer clay cut around the shapes and baked them.

So yea I’m having fun with my new stamp set. ;) see you later…

Drawing Riddick….


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I love drawing full body people so now im trying out a crouch in the form of Riddick (aka Vin Diesel)

Here are the progress photos….




Now for the black pen line work…..


Next i masked off Riddick, used the mister (which i got from stampin up but now available through craft stores under Tim Holts name) sprayed background and started on skin…

This is where i was at after probably 1.5hrs after colouring… Yeap take time and results develop well…

And more colouring……



This is where i ran out of one of my colours and order to buy a refill of it i need money… Which i will be saving for in the future.. So stay tuned for the completion of this picture.

Soo stay tuned….

Colouring in page/digi stamp – bunch of flowers



Hi all,
I was inspired to draw flowers but before i coloured it i decided to take a photo of it as line work so that you too could colour it in…..

Right click and save to desktop then print on white card stock at desired size and colour.

Here is mine coloured:

Coloured with copic pens on blender card

Thanks for dropping by.


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