A decision has been made…. I will blog no longer


Don’t panic! My followers can see tutorials on my newly opened facebook page…

Or my video tutorials at youtube

This blog will stay live, but not active, so that you can access all past tutorials.

Why this move?
Well I have been monitoring my passion on the net and what I’d rather do and I spend a lot of time on facebook so that will be the place I put my crafting endeavours- theres a new tutorial on there now. ;)

Thanks for your support.
See you at facebook


Break time till about feb

Hi all
I am having a break till about February from posting here and youtube.
Don’t be afraid all my tutorials are here on my blog just go to the top and select tutorial menu.

Otherwise click on this link for Christmas tutorials I’ve done in the past…

Merry Christmas

Paper weaving – using old magazines and Newspapers


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Hi all
Another of my latest fun things to do is basket weaving… But instead of the traditional materials – I am using newspaper, magazine, pamphlet pages rolled into tubes.

First successful project was a basket to hold my guest room goodies in (as some guests forget little things)


Then I made two desk caddies for the kids teachers for Christmas presents…



And yea… I couldn’t stop there…. Here is my latest – a sewing box with lid….
I used faux leather from a broken hand bag, and the fabric for lining is new but the padding is from packaging so recycling is definitely full on in this project…





I think it’s safe to say I am addicted to this craft….
I am yet to make myself a paper caddy for holding all the unpaid and paid bills…. And I want another waste paper basket to hold all my recycling materials in. I need to start separating out my rubbish in my craft room as im always looking in my bins for stuff I have thrown out lol.

All the best hope you have a great day

Adventure into watercolour paints



I know, I can’t stop myself – I am onto another medium.
It’s not new to me but I haven’t used proper watercolour paints in a very long time….

I bought myself 5 basic colours of Windsor and Newton Cotman. These are the Primary colours and the tinting (white) and the shading (black) colours.

I immediately set up my colour palette the way I like it…. Laying down Black and white opposite each other then the 3 primary colours spaced apart then mixed the basic secondary colours up the shades i like the most…. And a brown. ;)

Then I got to work and started experimenting with stamps, gold embossed stamps, pen and watercolour then watercolour on its own… Paper I used was Reeves A5 300gsm watercolour pad. I used the smooth side of the paper not the textured side.




Well thanks for dropping by see you in the next post. ;)

Broken Doll -portrait


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Hi another emotional piece called “panic attack”
Maybe those that get them, will get this piece….



Done with copics, gelato, acrylic paint.

This is an original piece and not copied from a picture from an Internet search.

Happy crafting.

Getting ready for Christmas: 2nd Dr.Suess Christmas village house


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Hi this is the second polymer-clay christmas house.. This time it’s the “trees and Wreaths” shop…




I can slip a battery operated tea light in the bottom to make the yellow translucent windows glow. ;)

See you in the next post
Happy crafting

Vampire portrait – copic markers


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Hi all
Drew a female vampire and called the piece “anger Management”
Do u feel like your eyes change colour when u get really angry?



I drew this with copic multi liner , coloured background with FaberCastell Gelatos red/black mix – then stamped with slate grey stampin up ink pad with Montarga crackle stamp. (A local rubber stamp company), I coloured the main portait in copic markers.

This is not a portrait copied from an Internet Google image search…. I have drawn this from my head… Scary what I find in there sometimes…

Thanks for daring to dropping by….

Getting ready for Christmas: polymer-clay christmas village?

This year I thought about creating a more permanent Christmas village…. Out of polymer-clay.

I have loved the Grinch movie and love colour so the natural thing for me to do is do a grinch Christmas village…. Yes I am copying ceramic pictures of them I’ve found on the Internet…
(As of yet I have not seen them in NZ)




This is the first house… The Toy Shop
Aprox. 15cm long, 10cm heigh, 11cm wide.
Using Du-kit polymerclay, Fimo Deko gel, flathead pins, utee and silver glitter.

I can slip in the bottom of it a battery operated tea light – the windows have been mixed with translucent clay and a tad of yellow so that they will look like they glow.

I am off to make the next one… The trees and wreath shop 😉


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