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I needed a stamp of Jesus and His Mum…. Alot of them are so over priced this year. Its a shame for there are awesome ones out there. I decided to make my own.

The first hurdle was to get proportions and faces right of both mum and bubs. So I ended up using a photo for reference.

Here I’m showing the process.

I traced the basic outlines of the Photo with a good pose onto wax paper with a soft pencil.

Then I turned the traced image over and rubbed my pencil marks onto the lino.

And I ended up with this line “stamp” of Jesus and his mum.

Looks really messy aye. lol but it works really well.

This is the printed image glued to the back of my lino stamp for reference when stamping. I also trimmed close to the edges of the “stamp” image so I can get accurate placements when stamping.

Next step was to adapt it so it would work with my Fiskars stamp press – when the glue dried……

I used some See D’s Cling that came in my “inque boutique” stamp sets. And stuck that over the reference side of the stamp. And trim off over hang.

You could also use double sided non-permanent tape I suppose.

By the way if you have some See D’s Cling and don’t want it contact me via this email:   godzoned2 at hotmail dot com (written like that because I don’t want more spam)

It will be ready to stick to your Fiskars stamp press (or acrylic block) and then cover with ink.

Flip over and press down.

and walla! a stamped image!

I store these Lino “stamps” onto pieces of thick clear packaging in a draw with all my other stamps.

I hope I have inspired you to cut your own stamps.

The beauty of this is that you can have any stamp you want at the time you want it.

Groovy aye!

happy Crafting!