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Hi all
Bet you have heaps of packaging left over from those pressies. And the kids are “bored” always hungry etc….. Well here is what you can do with them all…..

Make some Castels…. great for boys and girls… Knights and Princesses.
Or maybe you just want to make one for yourself? Go for it!


This is how you prep your castels for the activity.

Step 1:
Gather together as many cardboard boxes and cardboard tubes as needed for the kids.
You will also need: glue, sissors, craft knife, something to cut circles out with, spare white paper, tape.

Step 2:
cover the boxes with white paper. (this preps them for painting or decorating)

Step 3:
cut 2 slots at a corner top of the box as shown and slot your paper tube into place.
repeat on oposite side.

Step 4:
cut out some spare cardboard from the trimmed boxes and make a peak roof.
attach with tape.

Step 5:
Cut a door in one side with a craft knife.

step 6:
The turret roofs.
Cut out a circle, fold it in half and half again, cut a slot to the middle along one fold line, make a cone shape, attach it to the top of the turrets (tubes).

step 7:
You have finished preparing the castels – all you need to do now is punch out a few shapes, collect some bits from your stash or around the house that they can decorate their castels with…. you can try leaves, sand, real flowers, etc.
I punched out magazines with my Fiskars squeeze punches, got out some lace flowers and cut up some bits from my stash I will no longer need. Then put them into some pie packaging.

Step 8:
Get out the paint, paint brushes, glue  – maybe some glitter.
Cover the table with protective plastic table cloth or old newspaper.
Set up and let the kids decorate!


Here are some pictures of my daughter and her friend decorating their castels.


And the finished products……


thanks so much for looking. All the best for this week!

Pro_18:19 A brother offended is more unyielding than a strong city, and quarreling is like the bars of a castle.