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I keep seeing great fan-dangle gadgets to help you make great custom brads….

Nice for some but I think I can make my own without all that stuff…… Here’s how:

Materials needed:

Glue gun
Pen or pencil
flathead brads Any shape will do
dimensional glue
tape runner adheasive

Step 1:
Measure your buttons and print your images just a little bigger than your buttons on your colour printer.

I used 1.5″ buttons

Step 2:
put your button down onto your image and draw a star around it.

Step 3:
cut out your picture as shown.

Step 4:
put tape runner adheasive on the back of the picture and stick the flat side of the button to it.

Step 5:
fold around the star “legs” to the other side of the button

Step 6:
This is what it will look like

Step 7:
Add dimensional glue to the face of the covered button. This makes it look like an epoxy brad and has a shiny finish to it.
Will take several hours to dry. And will dry clear.

Step 8:
Once brad head is dry get out your glue gun and glue the brad to the back of it.

Your brad is finished!
Wait a little bit for the glue to set and your new custom brad is ready to use. Groovy aye

enjoy your new custom brads!!