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The start of any year is very busy for anyone…..
Taking down the Christmas decorations, writing new resolutions (or a resolution to make no more resolutions) and making a list of what you want to achieve in the year. (yearly goals are good – stick to 6 large scale achievable goals).

For me the first things I usually do are re-sort my scrapbook pages from last year, complete the albums and decorate the cover of my diary.

Here’s how I did my diary cover:

items needed:

  • 2010 diary – new
  • cardboard – non corrugated (back of large pad will do) – this is optional to strengthen soft cover diaries)
  • spray adheasive (or other – whatever suites your purpose)
  • ribbon
  • tape adheasive
  • Your fave cardstock/pattern paper and embellishments

1. buy a diary that the inside pages will serve your purpose. Outside doesn’t matter as we are going to cover it.
This one was just $3! And no I’m not a student. lol But the inside pages are sufficient to what i need.

2. take some non-corrugated cardboard and cut it to size for the front and back of your diary. (this strengthens my cover as it was a soft cover diary).

3. Adhere your card to the front and back of your album with the spray adheasive.  I left a larger gap in the front to the back so that my cover would open.

4. If your album doesn’t have one. Apply the ribbon marker on the spine now. I used tape runner adheasive for this.
I have also added here some marker/tabs for my diary: phone numbers, birthdays, reading list, craft purchases for the year etc.

5. Take your cardstock and cut it about 2 inches bigger than your front cover. Some should wrap around the back too.
Cut angles at the corners and spine and adhere it to the diary. (for the cover cardstock choose something you really really like as you will be staring at it all year!) lol you don’t want a diary you cringe at when you have to use it.

6. cover the inside and cover with contrasting cardstock.

7. cover the back of your album now making sure the same 2″ over hang is there and cut angles at the corners.

8. cover the inside finishing it off as before.

9. Now you have finished the basics… Ready to decorate as you wish…

You have finished!

Now don’t forget to selvage those awesome embellies and info from your album from last years diary.
Transfer all the info you need into your new diary. Then place what you don’t want into the recycle bin of your old diary. (or shread it)

I also took off the cover of last years diary too. As I like it still. That is why you use things you absolutely LOVE in your stash.

I also made this double layout with past diary covers….

click on image to get a larger one.
As you noticed I have used the embellishments from last years diary for the page.

The writting says:
“The cover of my diary defines the start of the New Year. The diary covers of the past defines were I have been and my journey thereof.” – Debbie Buckland (me)

This layout shows the last 3 years of my diary covers…. 2007, 2008, 2009

Thanks so much for looking and I hope you have had heaps of fun following this tutorial.
All the best wishes to you and yours this year.
It will be a great one I’m sure.