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Here is a tutorial for you…..

How to alter your jeans into a skirt. (will work for trousers too).

Here are the shot of my jeans – before the alteration. complete with warn out knee and inner thighs.

1. put jean legs together and smooth all wrinkles out of material. Making sure that the legs are the same length.

cut along the top part of the knee hole rip. You can shorten later if you want when the skirt is complete.

2. Cut closely, along seam of jeans around inner thigh and crutch areas. Removing the double sewn seam.

3. take bottom part of jean legs that you cut off and cut the double seam out. Again cut close to the seam.
Do this to only ONE of the seams. You will need the rest of the width of fabric.

4. back to the top part of the jeans. Cut the crutch closely along the double seam so you can flatten it out. (about an inch or two.)
do the same as back and front.

5. Sew along the cut crutch seam to hold it flat.

6. Pin and sew the bottom leg part of the jeans to the gap lining up the seam to where the opening starts.

I sewed a double top stitch seam but you can sew a single one if you wish.

7. Do the same to the other side of the jeans.
turn skirt inside out and trim off the access near the seam you have just sewn.

8. trim off bits along the bottom of your skirt.

9. You are finished!

Now try out your new awesome skirt. No didn’t finish off the hem. As the frayed look is quite in at the moment. This is when you can cut it to the desired length but I left it.

well better go. have a great time!