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Well after almost giving up on my sewing machine. I decided to have one last ditch effort on trying to sew with it…..
But before I did that I found a series of very useful videos on how to do some maintenance by yourself.

here’s a link to the series of 5 videos

well after doing that I decided to have another go at sewing a quilt top together and this was my set up last night…

Yes I’m watching TV – Dr who is showing and then after wards was Robin Hood. I wanted to do some sewing too hence my set up.

Having heaps of fun with my machine now…. only needs a new shuttle hook and a needle plate and it will be perfect. Just waiting on the shop to get back to me on prices of those parts etc….. might take a while – its been a week already and I rang up yesterday – I got back the answer “the rep hasn’t got back to me yet” – Oh how many times have I got that answer for any of my crafting endeavors…. I’d be rich if I got a $1 every time I heard that one! lol

I’ll be back when I’ve finished the quilt. ;)