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Welcome to the new look of my blog.
Thought I’d give one of the new wordpress themes to the test. What do you think?

Now down to the crafting that I’ve been doing….

First of all the blankets I’ve been making – this is number 6 of the 10 goal I have

and this is number 7 of the 10 goal I have. 3 to go! Awesome aye.

These blankets a patched polarfleece with the boarders of cotton fabric on the 6th one and the 7th one has a red lining material boarding it.

Worked out quite well.


More fabric creations…

fabric flowers.
Not sure if I like them but had to give these another go with different fabrics.
Both are made the same way with different fabrics. Hmmmm


Here is an altered Maya Road tin….

I drilled through the tin, driftwood, walnut shell and sea shell all with the Fiskars Craft Drill.

Oh I love drilling!!!!
Heres my Fiskars Drill, my drilling board and my G-clamp….. great girl tools!

so that is about it with my crafting for the moment…
I need to do some blog house work….. ie: catch my tutorial page up to the tutorials I’ve put up in the last month or so.
And I also have got a birthday party to plan…. for my daughter… I’ll keep you posted about creations on that one.

Then I have my daughters school operetta costumes to help make….. berets/pirate eye  patches – etc…. lots of work.


Oh go over and check out New Sheer Creations.

They make beautiful nylon stocking flowers!!!

Beautiful aren’t they!

I mention these as I just recently was fortunately enough to win a couple of exclusive videos on how to make these and an e-book. Yes you need to buy these e-books – online lessons or kits but they do offer 4 wonderful free lessons online to get your creative juices going. so check them out… http://www.newsheer.com

thank you so much for looking have some fun getting aquainted with the new look….

Got to check out some settings myself to get it JUST right. ;)
oh “leave a comment” button is at the end of the list of categories…. strangely enough