With winter coming on here in New Zealand the kids need new activities inside to do to stop the “cabin fever” and fighting.

This is the first Kids Crafty Time idea for the crafty mums out there….
This will help them with eye/hand co-ordination, cutting skills, stamping stills. – for great crafting later on in life ;)

My kiddos are 3 1/2 and 6 years old so I’m trying to keep it simple but some guidance for younger ones are needed.

This time around we just did some simple cutting out and stamping….
Download this cut out sheet for your little ones: (PDF)
You will also need:
decorative scissors or plain scissors
Stamp pad

1. get them to cut out the shapes

after that is the time to put the scissors away and bring out the stamps/stamp pad

2. get them to stamp their shapes. Only use about 4-5 stamps. As more will be too over whelming and you can save the others till next time. ;)

and here are the finished creations…

a good 30 min or so of non fighting and fun.
Love it.

see you again soon.