Part of making stuff for the operetta my daughter is in at the moment I have had to make 23 berets…. I’m kind of old hat at it now… (pun intended) so I thought I’d show you how to make a beret….

Yes there are plenty of beret tutorials out there on the net so if you want to do a google search you are most welcome. Mine may not be the best but its here anyway….

I used black polar fleece in this tutorial but I have made berets in sweat-shirting as well.

To draft a pattern:
1. take some paper and cut out circle that is 12″ in diameter.
2. then cut a hole in the middle of that circle that fits your own head or the person you are making the hat for.
3. Cut a 2″ strip long enough to go around your head comfortibly with an inch allowance for overlap.

For the cutting:
For one hat cut one circle. (no hole in middle)
One donut (ie: the circle again with the hole in the middle)
one 2″ strip

For the assembly:

1. take strip and sew together ends. Making sure it fits around your head…. megga important.

2. Fold strip in half – wrong sides together and pin to donut – right sides together with raw edges together…

3. sew close to raw edge. About 1/4″ seam.

4. Place your finished donut shape on top of the plain circle. Right sides together and sew 1/4″ seam around.

5. tun in the right way and you are finished!
Now try on your hat.

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