My daughter is being quite a different girl…. I thought she was going to be a girly girl but now that she is almost 6 I’m not sure….

She wants a “How to train your dragon Party”

Anyway I’ll be posting up the full party preps later on but here is a preview of one of the decorations for the party.

A dragon head….

really its easy peasy….

You will need:
bread bag twisty ties
Egg carton
glue gun
crate-paper streamers (yellow/orange)
sticky tape

Get an egg carton and cut off two end cups and set aside… these will be the eyes.

In my egg carton the peaks were too high so I cut them off.

I wiped out my twisty ties….

punched holes in the top of the egg carton near one end and the bottom of the egg carton (the bits the eggs used to sit in).

I put the twisty ties through the holes to make the hinge of the mouth.

right as you see I’ve now cut teeth in the upper part of the egg carton

Now get out your anti stick sheet or a protective sheeting and glue your eyes on the top near the back of the head.

now let it dry a bit… have a coffee. Really you don’t have to wait long here.

now paint up your head…. It can be as perfect or imperfect as you want.
I only used kids paints for this project. Now you will have to really have that coffee and read your fave blog (this one? lol) or a great crafty mag. The paint should be dry before you do the next step or it could get messy.

with the streamers I put them into the mouth and anchored them at the bottom with a bit of sticky tape.

heres the “fire” coming out of the mouth.

Right now for the fabric part.
I’m going to hide the computer under a dark blue sheet.
then set the dragon head on the desk and drape a light blue piece of fabric near the head to make it look like the dragon is pocking its head over the table to have a look at the party…..

No sewing and you can use the fabric again for something else when the party is over… ;)

and the close up of the finished display…

Thanks for dropping by. See you again soon.