Entertaining Master 3.5yrs today….

Decided to draw up a ginger bread man type shape on my computer
but found one on google search instead – here: click here

Now print it.

Other things you will need:
pens/crayons or stamps (with stamp pads) or stickers

What to do with it:
Get your child to draw a face on it and clothing.
Stamp the clothes on it.
Let your child decorate it to their hearts content.

A step further:
You will need scissors.
Glue stick or smiliar.
Print off this PDF sheet of ginger bread clothing and ginger bread person:
Gingerbread person with clothing

Get your child to stamp/decorate on the clothing
Cut out the clothing
and stick the clothing onto the gingerbread man shape

these activities are really good for:
Scissor control
fine motor skill development
simple stamping
simple art exploration
and heaps of fun!!!

Thanks for popping by.
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