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I was asked to do a handbag liner.
To tell the truth I was a bit hesitant because I only have one handbag. And its pretty much organized already but I did accept thinking I’ll use it for something else….. you know me I usually think outside the box when using products…..

It arrived in a nice white box, with nice pink tissue paper (both handy later for a project or two). The size was medium….. hmm – definately looked larger than my handbag….

yeap. larger than my handbag….

as you see by my handbag contents I don’t carry much in it and it is already organized.

And I only have one handbag. I have no gym bag, no nappy bag anymore. Just my handbag or my pockets… I’m a simple type of gal…. no huge bag to get myself lost in.

I started thinking….. hmmmm clean out my craft desk?
My sewing caddy!

Yes it could fit inside the main part……

So I unpacked my sewing caddy…

ok so bare with me here…. I know I’m an organization freak always have been…..
But I digress…. I repacked the small stuff into the naked bag liner

Now all little stuff all organized instead of floating inside the large part of my sewing caddy….

see fits into the large part of the caddy nicely and it is so much more tidy than before.

So thank you Borne Naked Bag liner people its awesome!!!!
They come in small, medium and large. (medium is the size I have reviewed)

If you want one you can either…..
1. go to the Borne Naked website: www.BorneNaked.com and buy one
2. or go here and try to win one….. ;)draws now closed

Have a great day and I do hope you liked my little review – with a difference. ;)