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6th day:

Yes playing on the water slide…. almost all day. Mostly without the water. After it was wet it was fine to slide on. ;)

Playing with bubble solution:

Yes the containers look like ice creams. lol

I also baked the gingerbread pieces for the house and cookies too with left over dough.
Got the groceries for Christmas day.

Made some home made fudge.
Did the washing etc etc

ohh and found these in a store for Christmas snacks and food etc on Christmas day:

Day 7: (NZ Christmas eve – yes yet to be)
Picking up in-laws
getting ham and icing sugar…. (really hoping there is nothing else to get)
Kids will be occupied by Grandparents hopefully

Day 8: (Christmas day – another yet to be day)
Feasting and opening pressies etc
too busy to be on the net

;) see ya later and have a great Christmas!