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I’ve been looking at a particular make of dolls for a long time since hitting the toy stores…. I kept thinking…. I could make those! I’m sure I could make those.

I looked at them online and in the stores and yet I knew it was possible to make them fully out of cloth not plastic like the ones on the shelves.

The originals are 13″ high.
Mine are 21″ high approx.

What are these dolls called? La La Loopsy

I need to put a disclaimer here:
I will not and do not sell these dolls I make – they are purely for my kids and myself only.
I will not and do not give them away.
I will not and do not sell or give away any patterns associated with these dolls I make – so don’t ask.

Right now, with that out of the way here are the dolls…..

First finished was Patch:
Original looks like this

This is my version in cloth.

Of course this little fellow is already well loved by my son.
The eyes are made with Polymer clay, most fabrics are recycled clothing.
Cheeks are sponged on using Stampin Up Regal Rose ink pad.
Hair is hand sewn on felt.

the pirate top black stripes were sewed on and the scull and cross bones where glued on with Helmar Premium Craft Glue (which is white felt and black fabric marker).

The shoes are made with fabric stiffened with iron on fabric stiffener and hand sewed together and used Helmar Premium Craft Glue with Helmar Fray Stoppa to put them together. Socks where made from a white t-shirt from my sons wardrobe… Yeap I raided his wardrobe…. He didn’t need it anyway. ;)

Soles of the shoes are double extra thick fabric stiffener – mainly used for making fabric bags.

Now for the doll for my daughter…..
The original – Bea Spells-A-Lot

This is my version in cloth…..

Yes my daughter absolutely Loves her too!

And the close up on the polymer clay eyes….

again the cheeks sponged on with Stampin Up Regal Rose ink pad but more colour applyed than Patch.

Hand stitched boots – took a total of the full length of Avatar DVD and another 2 hours… ;)

How long did they both take me to make?
From pattern drawing up to fully dressed with face but without shoes 2 dolls took me from about 10am – 11pm at night.
The kids helped me stuff the dolls.

Here are the pets.
They took about 2 hours to make (confession: I did run out of steam with the parrot though)

The main thing though is bough kids love them.

I used Fiskars Scissors, and Fiskars New Titanium Rotatory cutter.
Elna 2003 – Sewing machine.

How much did they cost me?
I only had to buy extra thick stiffener, the orange felt, patterned fabric for Bea’s dress and bow. That will make it about $8.50 Everything else I had already bought for other projects (including sewing machine thread/DMC thread) and some fabric was given to me or from recycled clothing etc. Not bad for $8.50 aye?

Now for the smarty pants that read my blog…..
No I will NOT be making my Project Runway outfits for these dolls. Are you crazy? lol
Yes I am going to make another doll for myself. And it will NOT be a direct copy of one of these dolls but the same style and a character from a recent movie. ;)
And YES you will have to wait for that one.

Thanks so much for looking.

Happy crafting!