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Hi all
Yes obsessed with dolls at present. And Alice in wonderland… I blame Lynne Phelps over at the Altered Alice blog for putting out yet another great inspirational Challenge.

This month we were to include a tea cup or tea pot.

Here is Alice from Tim Burtons alice in wonderland….

Here is my Alice….

Yes she is Alice…. I know Alice – I know him anywhere! I know him anywhere….
she is 21″ high approx.

With this face and these eyes I think its evidence enough to say she has spent too long with the Mad Hatter. What is in that tea? What was in that upelkuchen or that Drink me drink?

Eyes made with polymer clay.
cheeks coloured with stampin up stamp pad regal rose

I hand stitched her hair, the black buttons and the neckline of the dress.
I used Fiskars New Titanium rotary cutter for cutting out the dress and tea cup.

Also hand stitched her hem line of the dress, boots and boot details. Some of the boots where constructed with Helmar premium glue and fabric stiffeners (iron on and extra thick for the soles).

I hand stitched the fingerless gloves and some of the tea cup/saucer.
This also has extra thick fabric stiffener in it to hold its shape. Man Teacups are rather fiddly to make!

Thanks so much for looking through the looking glass with me.

My hubby wants me to make tweedle dee and tweedle dum… I’m not sure about that.

I know my next obsession though is to make another quilted road mat for my son in the form of “Radiator Springs” (think Cars the movie).

Till next time………

have a creative day!