Hi all
This could very well be my last post here till sometime in January 2011. I hope to have a rest for a month or so. But I am still over at Fiskars Craft Blog posting Christmas projects there.

I do hope to finish one project before Christmas but it has been developing very slowly and a few hickups have happened that has delayed production. Will post here if it happens to work out.

So I leave you with a very Merry Christmas and some awesome Traditional type looking art from a Readers Digest book – The story was titled “A Christmas Carol” I’m sure you know it. “The Scrooge Story” — Images by John Leech —- the above link if you click on Christmas Carol will take you too the page where the images are coloured.

With out further delay here they are. Print out for your own enjoyment and colour them as you wish…..

Hope you and your family stays safe. All the best.

Merry Christmas!