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Hello everyone.
Welcome to the “Love cast in clay” blog hop.
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Today I will be sharing with you how I made this panel.

You will need:

  • Something to mold – I used a wooden carved box
  • Amazing mold putty
  • Delight Clay
  • Papers/flowers/rhinestones
  • Grunge board hearts/Keys
  • Brown and red inks and clear embossing powder
  • Adhesives
  • Ball chain
  • Wood beveled panel or canvas
  • glitter glue
  • Fiba Tape

Making your mold:
Choose your item to mold and get out equal parts of Part 1 and Part 2 of the amazing mold putty. Mix the parts together till an even colour.

Cover your desired part of what you want a mold of. This case it is two birds on a carved box. Pressing all over the area so that the putty goes in all the nooks and crannies. Wait for about 30 min for it to cure and harden.

When dry the mold putty feels like flexible rubber.

Take some Delight Clay and put it in the mold you just made and take carefully out of the mold. Let the Delight clay dry for about 12 hours.

when dry the Delight clay feels like dense polystyrene.

On to the panel

While the Delight clay dried I went shopping and found a 1980’s wood beveled panel in a free box outside a second hand shop…… the best way for shopping!

Yes it had a picture of a whales tail and it was finished nicely but I didn’t want the picture…… So I ripped it off the panel…..

Here when the Delight clay was dry I just snipped off the parts around the birds that I didn’t want. It was only 1/8″ thick so easy to do.

choose your base cardstock/paper and paste onto the panel/canvas

Rip some patterned cardstock and then crunch it up into a ball to distress it more.

Carefully unroll it and ink the ripped edges and over the top lightly

After inking up the background sides I glued on the flower ripped paper.

Take a plain emery board and file the edges. Then ink the edges again.

Lightly ink the birds and then add some glitter glue in places.

Add FibaTape in the background for texture.
****This is found in DIY stores here in New Zealand – its the stuff the plasterers put between boards so that the plaster sticks to it when making the join smooth and ready for painting. (my dad is a builder, I know these things)****

Ink up some hearts and keys.

Finishing off the hearts and the birds with clear embossing powder make the hearts shine and the birds look like they have been cast in plaster and finished with a glaze.

Add your elements in place. And you have a great piece of art work for your wall or loved one.

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