Hi all I have not in anyway abandoned this blog.
Just been busy making things I cannot show!
I know how frustrating!

Design team application time:
I am applying for Fynmarks design team this year. Had to do four projects brand new and not shown anywhere. Altered project, greeting card, layout and decor item. Will hear back in mid April on that.

I am re-applying for the creative paperclay design team too. Will here about mid April about that one too.

Fiskars Craft:
Been working on projects for my current DT position. One is up already and is a tutorial…. How to make an Easter basket.

I received some goodies for a few projects from…. Fiskars and (I had to laugh) Fynmark!

So out of that lot I made the easter baskets and decided to make the following……

Yes that is more of a tease photo of the project… Not finished yet… Need to make 8 of those and another 12 of something else for Easter. Talk about leaving it to the last minute! Well better get my A into G and blast off.

Take care.