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Hi all
I was contacted yesterday buy a company that has been watching me online for a very long time…. And it wasn’t one of those bogus email things either it was by a local, reputable company. After an afternoon of chatting face to face – hashing out ideas etc it came to pass that I agreed to work closely with the owner of this company…

I will be the design team leader for Zig Zag Polymer clay supplies LTD! Right here in Christchurch, New Zealand!
The position requires me to produce works of art, (fabric based), at my own pace, for the display booths at National craft shows! So exciting!

Of course I will be showing you all my blog readers and facebook readers everything I do…. Some may be tutorials too…..

Now this is what I have to work with…. All products available from http://zigzag.co.nz/
locally dyed Distressed Treads (lot like patterned paper only its fabric!)


And some basic supplies….

Aleens fabric stiffener, organza, glitters, fibers, jacquard pearl ex varnish and jacquard gum Arabic.

Of course that would have been plenty to start with but….

You know a girl need some pearl ex shine…


And some 3D jacquard Lumiere fabric paints….


And some jacquard Lumiere metallic fabric paints!


Remember you can get these from Zig Zag

So I started on two projects right away….. Here are sneak peak photos….



Needless to say I am thrilled, shocked and humbled by the generosity of this company. What an honour to be trusted to work and produce works of art for them!
Please visit the website and see their supplies… Believe me they are fully stocked with heaps of goodies… More than the above.

Thanks for dropping by…
I now have a project to finish by next Wednesday, another by 1 sept, another by 9 sept, another by 11 sept and other stuff I want to do… Busy hands are never idle….