This is the first time using this stuff… It’s good!

First of all I got out some white scrap fabric and put some liquid in a bowl…. Saturated the fabric in the liquid and then smoothed it out on my nonstick craft mat to dry…


It was dry in a few hours (well that’s when I came back to it).
First of all I tried printing on it through my lazer printer…. DON’T DO THIS!!!!
The fabric of course heated up went all limp and I ended up fixing my Hewlett Packard lazer printer after an hour….

That is what I did get out of it but photos are not clear and I won’t be doing that one again…. But this piece is useable for something later…

The fabric ends up with a stiff plastic feel to it. One side shiny other dull… I like that choice. I could use either side if I wanted…

Next I tried Fiskars squeeze punches, leaver punches, crimper and boarder punches on it….
One thing to note… The boarder punch and squeeze punches did protest a bit so I would be using less fabric stiffener on it next time to get a thinner product. (I had used about a 1/8th of a cup per a4 size of fabric).


Next I tried the rotary trimmer by Fiskars, the cuttlebug dies and embossing folders! Perfect in every way!


After that I tried the Fiskars ultra shape express cutter with template and then freehand…


So the answer is yes I can do all of the above with Aleens fabric stiffener and draping liquid… Still yet to sculpt and drape with it…. But others have done that already and that’s on the internet everywhere.

This is available locally at http://zigzag.co.nz

Thanks for dropping by!