Hi all
LOL you wouldn’t believe it… My order arrived from Viva las Vegas stamps….

I bought the above stamps… The basket weave was hand drawn by Sandra Straight a Zentangle artist. And one potted of gold TS Mixer…. Other 2 stamps are ones I wanted for ages.

The above lot was sent by my mum… She’s always looking out for junk for me. ;) love it all.

So what am I thinking?
Fabric scrapbooking… How to stamp with paint and normal stamps…. How to use my Fiskars punches on fabric…. I know that anything I can do with paper I could do with fabric…. Just need to find out how…. I’ll experiment for you so you don’t have to get the muck ups like I do. LOL hope I don’t break anything in the process!

Stay tuned… First 2012 fabric scrapbook tutorial in progress……