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Hi all
My first assignment with Zig Zag has been done.
I was given a Fiorelli handbag to alter….. yes I know! $107NZD handbag! LOL don’t panic though I has assured that it was purchased for $2 at a second hand store…. oh my goodness! That’s a huge discount! LOL

Anyway it was scuffed here and there and really had seen better days. It was really a mess and a dull brown. (sorry I forgot to take before photos).

But this is what it ended up like in my hands….

I used:
Jacquard fabric paints – Lumiere 572 (for the main bag), Lumiere 568 (for the fern leaf), 3D Lumiere (for the edges of the flowers). All available from Zig Zag online shop.

Also used:
Ivory Organza
Distress Threads
Scrap Matts – ferns
Aleen’s Fabric stiffener and drapery liquid (to form and stiffen the fabric flowers)

Here are close ups of those flowers…

How did I make the flowers?

  1. I first cut out 4 petal flowers 3x for each flower
  2. Then I scrunched them together and hand sewed the base of the flowers to hold them together.
  3. Then I painted the fabric stiffener on them with a paint brush and formed the petals the way I wanted them to fall as the fabric dried.
  4. When the flowers were completely stiff I used the 3D lumiere on each of the petal edges.
  5. And they were done!

I am VERY happy with how it turned out.

Go grab a worn out designer handbag from a second hand shop for next to nothing and alter it. The Jacquard paints really lift it and update any drab bag to a wow bag.

Love to see what you do with yours!