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Hi all
Another Kiwi blog (Kiwi= New Zealander) has started a weekly feature. The show & tell. Where we all show what we made that day or the previous week if we didn’t blog about it.

Leonie has headed this up so you can also check out this other talented Kiwi!

This week I have this to show you…..
Yes more masks made out of clear plastic packaging and acetate. The above are around 9×11″ approx. did the positive and negative.

I found the honey comb a bit hard at first but once I got the shape right I got to work…
That’s A4 size.

And a three fern design…. 5″x6″ in size.

Bricks as well…..
5.5″ x 7.5″ in size

And leaves…
5″x5″ in size

Yes I’m on a roll with these home made masks… And having fun making them.
I can ink with them, paint with them, use modelling paste/compound with them, use fabric paints with them. So fun to use!

Recycle today and have some crafty fun. ;)