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On the 31 jan the Chinese new year is celebrated….
So colours of gold and red dominate the celebrations because they are the traditional colours of wealth, health and happiness. (So i believe).

This year i looked through the internet for different – nice looking decorations to make…..
Picture here from Jellyfishjelly…These are my results.

Believe it or not this is just a 5″x 4″ piece of black card made into a tube. Then 1/2 inch x 7″ red paper strips.
The red strips go around the tube and is finished off with gold washi tape and gold string. ;)

This one i made thanks to the Chinese new year blog.
All i needed was 5 red coin envelopes (i made them with the We r memories envelope punch board – 3×4 card size envelope)
Then made asian feeling stamps with left over rubber surrounds and easy mount cling foam…

Thats what one must do when she has no money to get new stamps this week. Then i gold embossed the envelopes…

Then the envelopes where folded via the instructions – suck together And then flowers added and a paper tassel on embroidery thread. Still using up what i have. ;) no rushing off to the shops for these projects. Infact the card i used was actually originally pink which i coloured using a red ink pad. ;)

What a fun adventure!
My husband thinks im nuts…. “Its Asian” he says “yea” i say…. “Umm why?” …. “Because its Chinese new year soon”
He still thinks im nuts as we are not Chinese and im making stuff for it… LOL after 14 years of marriage you’d think he would expect me doing different things by now… ;)

Well off I go… I actually have a up and coming 7yr olds birthday party to organise and do stuff for… Will post stuff up on that after the event ;)

Happy crafting!