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Hi all
For many many years i have been experimenting with different types of art mediums and surfaces to create on… Things to create with and things to make….

Most of the time i love the things i create/paint. Don’t get me Wrong there but something was missing…

I always admired those who create in one type of style and seam happy to just stick to one medium, one style one look….

I have always been restless with mine not fully feeling i fit in anywhere.

Just recently i have been watching artists on you tube… Ones that dont stick to one type of style or medium. But their “flavour” was evident all the way through their pieces. One artist said to go with what the piece tells you… Another said if you want to paint that in that style do so… If you want to paint in another style do that…. Another constantly says to go with the flow and let go!

It clicked, that all i had to do is get out of my mind set and box i put myself in and just go with it! So i let go…..

In the last post i posted an abstract/fantasy city i painted… I felt like i touched the surface of creativity ever so lightly and i pulled away too soon to have that moment gone again….

I had to just have another go… As i felt i was on the edge of something….


After this piece i found it!
My “center” my “it factor” my “thing” i was looking for!
I just love love love creating the above type of art….

Mum told me once that the preschool i attended was disturbed by the choice of colour i tended to ALWAYS paint with…… BLACK (gosh i was under 4 yrs old!) they thought i was disturbed! LOL only because my main choice of colour to paint with was BLACK!

I LOVE colour. Yes its true…. Love all types and shades but black always has been a little secret lover of mine…. shhhh! I might be disturbed after all!


But this may not be a surprise to you after you reading the above but i also love painting with plain black ink in sumi-e (asian style) painting.

I feel “settled” in my creating…
Is it because thousands have suddenly asked me to buy my new creations for good dollars when i posted them on facebook?
In fact no one has asked me to buy anything seriously in years!
(Apart from a 10 pack of handmade cards – thanks Amanda)

I just feel like something has finally clicked with my creativity.
Just had to tell you all.
I believe it was my valentines day present from God himself. What an awesome gift!

Thank you all
Stay crafty!