Hi all
The last two years has been building up to this moment in time……

My lovely hubby and i have finally got our dream home! And we had it built new! I know! How awesome is that? No more rent to pay or property inspections or the possibility of an eviction because the landlord wants to house a relative…. Yipeee!!!

The main room im most excited about is my very own craft room! YES! I actually have a room instead of a space in the corner of the kitchen! I can finally make a mess and close the door on it and come back to the project later…. I also have room to dry projects instead of stashing them somewhere they wont be brushed against or accidentally knocked off the space i put it…. What a sigh of relief!

Want pictures? Oh of course you do!
First as you see i had to construct my own desk and storage shelving….. Flat packed furniture can be both a joy and a Bain of existence! LOL
But also appropriate for a craft room as i literally had to craft my furniture!




And the desk/chair…


I went with open shelving in the form of cubby/cube units:
12 cubby and a 4 small cubby on top – these were laid on their sides.

And here it is filled up…


Three shelf book case with two small cubby on its side on top….


As you notice i also went with a magnetic white board instead of a pin board as it (in theory) will last longer


Of course everything isn’t quite to my perfection yet as i am starting to convert each cubby for more effective space….

I used corrugated cardboard from the packing boxes to make my shelving (temporary – till i do it in custom wood) the little plastic container for my smaller pieces of paper used to be packaging that the apples came in when i bought them… Look back above – those little suckers are used aloo over my craft room.