My Paintings

I use Atelier Acrylic paints and Cotman/Winsor and Newton water colour paints in most of my paintings. This is not an exclusive full listing of every painting I have ever done. Just a few of them. I cannot find many digital files anymore of my art. Most have been given away to friends and family members.

2012 Paintings – done none yet….

2011 Paintings:

copy of Vincent VanGogh’s – La Gardin Du Luxemburg – done in atelier acrylics – over 2 stretched canvas about 7.5″ x 23″ ea

Waves – acrylic – A4 sized painting (printer sheet size) – stretched canvas

just a fun painting for my boys room – copy of his bed spread – two stretched canvas –  14″ x 17.5″

Cottage – A3 size on stretched canvas – acrylic paint – March 2011

Reading comfort corner – Acrylic on approx 10″ x 12″ stretched canvas – Feb 2011

2010 Paintings:

Christmas Candles – A4 stretched canvas – Atelier Acrylic paints

Cherry blossom – A5 size – watercolour on 300gsm watercolour paper

Previous years….

Watercolours – variations in sizes – smallest A4 largest A3 – all on 300gsm watercolour paper.

Sheep Rock – Acrylic – painted with palette knives not brushes – on stretched canvas about 7.5″ x 23″ in size

Mount Monganui walk – Acrylic – painted with palette knives not brushes – on stretched canvas about 7.5″ x 23″ in size  painted in about 2004

Waterfall – Acrylic – painted with palette knives not brushes – on stretched canvas about 7.5″ x 23″ in size  painted in about 2004

Almond blossoms – Acrylic paints with crackle paint effect in background and gold leaf.
Cracked background represents the desert the Jewish people wandered for 40 years and the small cracks that perpetrates through all of society. The Trellis black squares – how divided and broken society is… The Almond blossoms – hope of reuniting everyone. Gold leaf represents the kingship of God – without him it will not happen. on Stretched canvas about 23″ square.

Various acrylic paintings – the glass/blossoms and crab paintings are Van Gogh copies.
some are painted on cardboard, others on hand made canvas boards, and wood. Most about A4 size.

Wax-eye in a Pear tree – watercolour on A3 300gsm watercolour paper.

Baby Girl – (portrait of my daughter) – Acrylic paint on A4 canvas board.

Mussels – watercolour and pen – on A5 watercolour 300gsm watercolour paper.

My daughter on a swing – watercolour on A3 =420x297mm or 16″ x 12″ 300gsm water colour paper. painted about 2006

2004 – red maple – my dabble in Japanese style art – watercolour.

Autumn Harvest – Acrylic on canvas panel about A4 size.

My dabble in Illuminated manuscript after I did a Graphic Design Course.
Painted in Gouache and pen – same as below… about year 2001 ish…..

7 thoughts on “My Paintings”

  1. Oh my … you are a very talented artist! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful paintings Debbie!!!! ~Sophia

  3. Loved your Almond Blossom painting and the explanation of the meaning – really enjoyed looking around your site – thanks

  4. Thank you so much. So glad you like it

  5. You have some beautiful paintings. The cabin in the woods and the waterfall are my favs. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  6. Thank you so much

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