Sewing tutorials (hand and machine)

Sewing Tutorials (hand and Machine)

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Other tutorials click here

simple jedi costume from bed sheets

Fast tutorial on making a simple hat and gloves

Hungergames fingerless gloves

Hotwater bottle covers or pajama holders

Sew-a-long lesson – Bag (links to all lessons for the bag at the bottom of post)

x-stitch with a template

Tyranno Rex – felt – hand sewn toy


Road play mat for toy cars

Nappies for baby alive that wets – part tutorial by me other by another person.

Putting new sleeves in a t-shirt

Mouse costume (ears/tail)

Making a beret

alter a top from a preggy looking one to a fitted one


Bird wing for dressing up

PDF pattern for a barbie Dress

Quilted coaster and Plush bunny pillow – PDF

making a drawstring bag – PDF

Drawing with your sewing machine

making your own custom scrap patch cardstock

Friendship dolls

Applique with Fiskars Ultra Shape Express and Templates – making patches

Making a Fabric Album

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