About Me

funny me

funny me

My name is Debbie.
I live in New Zealand and a wife of a loving hubby and a mum to two adorable children.

My aim here at wordpress is to have a blog that both teachers, inspires and informs people with scrapbooking and paper crafting world – as well as throwing a few bits in with art and sewing if I want to. But this place is continually evolving to my interests….

I hope to have videos here and downloadable how to sheets. So lets get started and have some creative fun!


My scrapbook Resume

Published work

email me at: godzoned2 at hotmail dot com

8 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Debbie,
    I bookmarked your blog so I can return whenever I want. ; ) Please may I have the recipe to the New Zealand cake that you gave to our friend MaryNSC? She made it, took a snap, displayed the pic on her blog. Then she ate the cake! ; >
    Before the Internet, there was the Inky Trail. I was penpals with a friend in New Zealand. We always swapped recipes but back then she said they didn’t have all our ingredients (I’m in USA). Things have changed! Please let us swap a recipe or two. TIA! ; )
    I look forward to learning many things from you.
    All the best,
    Fiskateer #5000

  2. This is great. I love it. Since I’ve watched your youtube videos, when I read your blog, I read it with a NZ accent. LOL

  3. I watched your video on paper roses and wondered if you could tell me the product you use when making glimmer mist water perfect pearls and the other I could not make out. there were 2 different things a larger jar and a tube. I would appreciate your help
    I also looked at your blog I love your site its so nice. I love learning new techniques, Thank you Deana

  4. Hi Debbie – nice to see another NZ (paper) artist and blog!! I am in the central North Island and basically stamp in (physical) isolation, but thanks to the ‘net I am no longer in papercraft isolation :-).

    Hope you have not been impacted by the earthquakes!!


  5. Hallo Debbie,

    You have made me laugh and smile. Really good as here on the West Cosat this morning we have gloomy rain – ahhh – yesterday was awesome and I should have cut the grass – boohoo.
    Your moving picture of faces – just great – so like me – well I have just asked you to subscribe me to your postings and I will soon have another go at blogging when I get sorted – bit of an ocd thing going of late – well that what my hubby says – need to be organised before I can give things my all. Well most of the time anyway, sometimes I surprise them and just go for it, not often enough though.
    Have a fabulous day. Byeee

  6. Hi, Debbie! I saw your project ‘Dressed Up Easter Eggs’ on FaveCrafts.com and was intrigued because we share a last name. I live in California with my husband of 38 years, David Buckland. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your crafts.

    Jill Buckland

  7. Thanks – it’s cool how we share our last names.

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